What To Expect From A Personal Training Session

Making the decision to get in touch with personal trainer is often the hardest part, for whatever reason, and maybe part of it is not really knowing what to expect. They’ll get you fit, right? Well, hopefully, but there’s more to it than that. So to start, here’s a rough guideline of how a session with me might run: 

  • Warm Up - We’ll start with a pulse raiser, a short burst of cardio to get your heart rate up, followed by some dynamic stretches, mobility and activation exercises, focusing on the muscles we’ll use in the session. 

  • Resistance Work - This will really vary person-to-person, based on what your goals are, but might involve machine weights, free weights, or even no weights! It could be a circuit training-style session. In a lot of cases, resistance work will start by looking at any muscle imbalances I’ve picked up in your consultation. For this reason, early sessions may not always feel like they’ll knacker you – they'll be about quality of movement and setting you up to be able to do more challenging things safely. 

  • Focused Cardio - If it fits your goal, we may finish with a short burst of high intensity cardio work. You’ll very rarely do any extended, steady state cardio with me as let’s be honest – it wouldn’t be worth your money to spend 30 mins jogging on a treadmill when you’re hiring a personal trainer to coach you! 

  • Cool Down/Stretches - To begin with, I’ll guide you through suitable stretches based on the workout you’ve just done and I might introduce you to PNF stretching (assisted stretching). As things progress, this will lessen so that we only do essential stretches together and you can go away and do others alone – again, to allow us more time to work on areas having a personal trainer can be really beneficial. 

Now obviously, not all sessions will look like this – it really does depend on what comes up at the consultation stage. Whatever the session ends up being, it will be something we would’ve discussed and it would suit your needs. The above is just a typical outline. 

As well as that, there are certain things you can certainly expect with me as your personal trainer, on a more general basis: 

  1. A Free Consultation 
    Every time. I always start with a prospective client by having a free consultation, which can last up to an hour. We always start with a chat about you, where you’re at and what you’re looking to achieve from hiring me. We discuss goals going forwards, and I’ll assess various things such as current fitness levels, mobility, flexibility, health and diet. Everything discussed and assessed is kept confidential, and used to plan programmes to achieve the goals we have discussed. 
    But equally as important – the consultation gives you a chance to find out more about me. I’m a friendly guy, but you should always feel comfortable with whoever you choose as a personal trainer. A free consultation lets you find that out. 

  2. You’ll Learn 
    I love going into the science of personal fitness and one thing I like to do is help clients to understand not just how to do an exercise, but why we’re doing it and how it affects the body. The more you know about your own body, the easier progress will become. When I give verbal cues during exercises, I’ll always offer an explanation about why I’ve asked you to do that, so it hopefully becomes ingrained. 

  3. You’ll Have Fun 
    That’s my hope! I’ve always thought there’s no point in pushing yourself through something if there isn’t any enjoyment to be had. I want you to be able to walk away from a session and look forward to coming back. Sometimes it’s just having someone there to guide you along and keep you focused that can transform a boring gym trip to a fun one, even if the session is hard work. 
    (And to be honest, there is nothing more fun and satisfying about knowing what you’re doing is having an effect. It might be you looking in the mirror one morning, or maybe you just wake up feeling like you have more energy than usual, but whatever it is, it’ll be a great feeling.) 

  4. You’ll Never Be Forced To Do Something You Can’t Do/Don’t Want To 
    There are always some things that we don’t like, or some things that we can’t do for whatever reason. The last thing I would ever do is force you to do something that fits into one of those categories. During my time as a personal trainer so far, I’ve learnt to identify when someone doesn’t want to do something because it’s hard or unpleasant at first, or if there is a more serious reason behind it. 


Were these things you expected from having a personal trainer? What is it that you’re really looking for? Let me know your thoughts! I always like chatting to people and finding out more. 

Ben GilbertComment