Who Even Is This Guy?

First thing’s first – hello! I’m Ben, in case you didn’t already know. 

I’m going to be posting regularly with themed articles, but for the first one, let’s fill you in on a little bit about me. 

Devon County Championships, 2011

Devon County Championships, 2011

I’ve been passionate about health and fitness for a long time now, ever since I started training in athletics when I was nine. Over on the right is a pic of me doing the fast running (at an age older than nine).

I started training to become a personal trainer a few years ago now and have always been fascinated by the human body and what it can do, so I can get a bit carried away with what exercises work what parts of the body and how the body’s mechanics work! My approach to coaching can suit your needs, but I definitely favour the carrot over the stick – I want my clients to enjoy their sessions whilst achieving at the same time. I can certainly help you to achieve specific goals, but if you don’t enjoy the sessions and find them fun then I’ve probably failed! 

I’ve always felt from the beginning that a personal trainer’s job is to prep a client to no longer need a personal trainer – so I always make sure to explain what we’re doing and why an exercise is particularly good for you (and yes, some of the most common exercise questions will end up in future articles – best exercises for ab development? On it.) The last thing I want is to hoard what I know and leave you to blindly trust what you’re doing is ‘right’. You won’t just get fit with me – you'll understand why. One of my previous clients is even about to start training as a personal trainer herself because of the way I taught her, so, there’s that. 

But aside from all that, if you follow me on social media, you’ll already know, but I’m also an actor! I work all over the country and meet lots of amazing people. I love food and I’m always thinking about my next meal (he writes, sipping from a dense smoothie to tide him over til dinner). I’m also a bit of a film, Marvel and Nintendo nerd. Zelda is my favourite gaming series and I have played every Zelda title to be released. No regrets. 

Anyway, here’s where I hand over to you! I want to write content for you all that you want to read. I have a list of upcoming articles I’ll be writing for you all, but I want to know what it is you want to know! Any burning questions? Hit the wall with your goal and don’t know why? Send me a message or comment below and I’ll happily answer them for you.