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£20 billed monthly after free trial


  • FUNDAMENTAL! – For beginners or anyone else who wants to nail the basic movements and principles. These are short, simple and effective workouts programmed specifically to help you get the fundamental movements right.
  • MINIMAL! – Minimal equipment required for these workouts. You just need dumbbells and a jump rope. These sessions will be a mix of strength and metabolic conditioning for an all round fitness.
  • BODY! – Daily bodyweight sessions that will help improve your fitness, strength, mobility and power. All whilst burning plenty of calories to help shed some weight if that’s your goal.

All programmes are delivered via our website and app. You can log times and weights lifted on the app too. Free download.

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Starting at £ 20

Online 1-to-1 Personal training and nutrition

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  • 1x 45min online PT session via Zoom: £20 per session
  • 1x 30 min online nutrition talk via Zoom: £30 per month
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