Want to know what my clients think? Read on to find out!

"I've been seeing Ben three times a week for the last 4 months in a bid to get 'wedding fit'. Ben is unfailingly enthusiastic, patient and encouraging throughout our sessions. He designs sessions to achieve fitness goals in a safe, healthy and fun way. Sessions are never boring and they are regularly rotated to create dynamic fitness programmes. Ben always listens to you and his programmes are tailor-made to your individual needs. Ben also advises on nutrition and wellbeing - this is essential to achieving and maintaining results. His knowledge of anatomy is sound and he is always happy to explain the theory behind a particular exercise. I've never been sporty or a regular member of a gym but now I look forward to each session and feel like I'm making appreciable progress week to week. Ben's sessions are great value for money too - I'd recommend his PT services to anyone who wants to get fit, stay fit, or work towards a particular fitness goal."

                    - Alexandra Bottomer

"I've always been someone who avoids exercise at all costs, but with Ben's patience, expertise and encouragement, I now look forward to our sessions. Ben's way of teaching is different to any other PT I have encountered, because not only does he teach you new exercises, he explains the science behind everything, making it easier to understand what a particular exercise is doing for your body, and giving you the confidence to get on with your workout plan, even outside of one-on-one sessions. If you're looking for an enjoyable workout plan tailored specifically to your needs, want to see and feel real and long-lasting results, and want to improve your mental and physical well-being, I couldn't recommend Ben enough."

                    - Jessica Holyoake

"I got in contact with Ben as I wanted to feel better about myself and have more confidence when in a bikini. I have been working on my programme now for nearly 5 months (starting in January) and it's going amazing! I've never felt fitter and I've caught the gym bug. I've noticed a massive change within my lifestyle and figure and feel so much more confident in myself than I used to be. Thanks so much Ben highly recommended."

                    - Lois Drage

"Ben has tailored a personal training programme for me that I can fit in before work as part of my morning routine. He's worked with what we have at home (a resistance band, press-up grips, a yoga mat - even exercises using our window seats!) and adapted it from my feedback on what was/wasn't working for me. I definitely feel the benefits and I'm enjoying getting stronger over time!"

                    - Emily Sherwood